Articles about Ruby On Rails

Do You Know How Hash Table Works? (Ruby Examples)

Hash tables explained

Hash table is a data structure that stores data in key-value pairs. It is also named as a dictionary or associative array. It stores data in a way that enables lookup and insertion in constant O(1) time. These properties of a hash make it one of the most useful data structures in a programmer's toolbox. The main question is where does this speed come from and how does it work?

Programming Languages That Will Rule the Game in 2018

Most in demand programming languages

2018 is just around the corner and you may wonder what programming languages are going to rock next year? If we make a simple top list based on GitHub programming languages usage statistics, the result won't really surprise you - it would be the same as the past year with C and Java fighting for the first place. We did something different this time.

How to Speed Up Your Tests via :build_stubbed

Speeding up tests via :build_stubbed

Rspec is an awesome thing that was created for ruby community. Most of us write tests. However, sometimes in large projects our test becomes really slow. So, each launch of the test really hurts and it does not meter whether you launch your test before commit/push or on CI. When your test suits pass over 30 minutes  -  something definitely went wrong.

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