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A story behind

Medicine is one of the most demanding and complex areas of business. Accurate scheduling, strong privacy protection, being in contact with patients and keeping track of their progress are extremely important here. The time when all this was handled through paper-based systems has gone.

Nowadays, a reliable and well-thought practice management software is must have tool in any medical institution. However, it is not always reasonable to develop a custom practice management application. Many medical service operators have quite similar workflows and this is where a SaaS platform may come in handy. And this is exactly what GoGoof project was intended for.

What does GoGoof do?

GoGoof is a multi-tenant software for medical workers to schedule appointments with their patients. The product automates the client-professional collaboration and facilitates patient data tracking.

The project allows to register a company having multiple personal trainers, therapists and other healthcare workers.

Those professionals can create custom plans which consist of tasks, key questions to be discussed with the patients to evaluate their progress and scores they get after every treatment. Professional can also schedule meetings and set meeting duration.

In their turn, patients can be individuals or join groups. They get connected with professionals and assigned to a plan then get a treatment and report about their progress.

Special aspects of development

Overall, the idea was straightforward, but contained a few challenges. Our favorite feature was a custom calendar.

GoGoof calendar

Available libraries with calendars did not have enough features or could not be customized properly. Our easy-to-use AJAX-based calendar should be able to show meetings and plans for a certain day, week or a month. It allowed for moving appointments from one week to another. Compared to features in competitor projects, the calendar was a work of art. That was one of the core features of the project because it actually formed the dashboard of a professional and allowed to manage all plans and groups on one page.

Key features

  • Multi-tenancy (SaaS)
  • Plans and contacts management
  • Plan editor
  • Meetings/appointments scheduling
  • Patient’s calendar
  • Questions customization
  • Private messages
  • Progress visualization in charts and graphs

Development team

Backend development: Maxim Tsaplin, Julia Grigorchuk, Alexey Potapov.
Frontend development: Anton Borsch, Bogdan Gontarenko.
Project management: Tatyana Zabairachnaya.

Technology stack

Framework: Ruby version 1.9.3 / Rails version 3.2.
Database: PostgreSQL 9.
Front-end: AJAX, WebSocket, jQuery, Faye.


The application was successfully launched in May 2014. It allowed many healthcare professionals to easily manage their practice and all client correspondence.