MyNE Psychology App

MyNE is a useful tool to determine the current state of a patient’s mental health and the steps needed to be taken to improve it. It is used by mental and medical health professionals to record and track the progress of people with mental health issues.


Quick facts about MyNE

  • guard

    Psychologists accounts

    All the necessary information about the customers/patients, history of visits, and progress of therapy.

  • user

    Mind Maps

    Tool for evaluation and assessment of personal characteristics, and patient’s mental health.

  • cloud

    Monitoring tool

    Based on the patient’s data, the doctor can observe a patient’s state of mental health, and progress, in a single window.

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    Questionnaire builder

    The tool helps clinicians to create questionnaires with ease, add custom questions, and then reuse them from the library.

Story Behind

The client came to Anadea following the recommendation of another customer. The idea was to create an app that ensures mental health specialist can keep track of patient’s state of mind, progress, and when they need more help and support.

Team Effort

Anadea developed the project from scratch. We started with the elaboration of functional and non-functional requirements and the application logic. Based on these requirements, the team created the app design. SPA (Single page application) was chosen as an implementation approach to make front end independent from the back end. It allowed the team to use JS libraries to work on sophisticated graphical components. Thanks to this approach, we ensured this was a time and cost-effective project.

Moreover, to reduce the overhead costs of developing and supporting the application infrastructure, the team decided to use virtualization technologies to run the Node app (for the front-end) in one container, and RoR (serves the API) app a second, to reduce restrictions caused by the number of “physical machines”. This means the app can scale more easily in the future.

We always pay close attention to the product quality and stick to test-driven development and design throughout the entire process. This approach enabled us to build a secure, stable, and user-friendly application.

Main Features

In the hands of professional psychotherapists, MyNE is a useful tool for those people who suffer from personal and interpersonal issues and are undergoing therapy.


Mind Map

During a visit (Session), a patient fills in a Mind Map according to the most relevant areas of their life (Family, Health, Economics, Culture, etc.) giving their vision of the state on a psychologist’s device (iPad).

The process takes place in a doctor’s account, but in the special mode, where no other information for a patient is available.

The psychologist also builds the client’s Mind Map, giving an assessment to the mental state from the professional point of view. Based on all information, including the results of the Interview, the medical specialist monitors the flow of a therapy course.


A clinician uses the Calendar to create a session schedule and manage their daily, weekly, and monthly workloads.



A clinician fills in their professional profile in the system after the registration procedure. After it, ‘Clinician’ can create a ‘Client’ and then record ‘Sessions’ with that client. Each session includes an Interview and the completion of a Mind Map by the ‘Clinician’ and ‘Client’. A list of clients is stored in the Clinician profile.


building tool

A clinician uses a library of default questions to create a questionnaire (Interview) for the client and add custom questions if needed. A psychologist can save them to the library to reuse them in other sessions later.

Therapy course flow

The results of Sessions (data of Mind Maps) are gathered into charts so that a psychologist can view the results of the therapy course and the progress of a patient in different slices (Health, Children, Interpersonal, etc.).



It provides mental health monitoring, and also brings out areas of personality to be worked on for maximum efficient recovery. We are happy that we contributed to this project to help the customer make the therapy more productive.

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