Viventor P2P lending platform

The scope

The European online alternative finance market, and particularly its largest segment - peer-to-peer lending, are experiencing a tremendous growth in recent years. This trend certainly calls forth the need for new tech tools and applications capable to serve the rising wants of the alternative finance industry players.

Founders of Viventor, a Latvia-based startup, saw an opportunity to apply the latest technologies to facilitate the practice of P2P lending. They came up with an idea of an online marketplace for cross-border investments throughout Europe and successfully implemented it in life. Within this project, our team was engaged in design and development of mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms.

What is Viventor?

Viventor is a P2P lending platform offering alternative online investment opportunities for individuals and companies across Europe. This financial investment application connects lending companies looking for financing with people willing to invest. It provides an extensive list of loan contracts issued by professional lenders and secured with a buyback guarantee. Investors can review the loans available for investment, decide which loans to invest in, build their investment portfolios and monitor their investments performance.

In November 2016, Viventor released the first public version of the Android app and soon launched the iOS app as well. Since then, all investing features are accessible through both web and mobile applications, which allows app users to invest from anywhere and at anytime.



Viventor mobile application brings the online investing functionality provided by Viventor website to the mobile space. To become an investor, the user has to sign up, get approved, deposit some funds (min. 50 €) and start investing.

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  • Viventor app - FAQ

Key features for investors:

  • Investor's account. A private cabinet where you can track your overall performance (available and invested funds, interest and earnings), view details of all your investments and manage your account.
  • Loan listing. The list of loans available for public investment with filtering options and access to a detailed overview of each loan. Separate listings for the primary and secondary investments.
  • Investing. There are two ways to build the investment portfolio - pick loans one by one manually or fully automate the investment process with the autoinvest feature. You can use autoinvest and make manual investments simultaneously.
  • Autoinvest. Specify your desired investment criteria and the system will automatically filter the deals and invest your available funds in the loans that meet your requirements.
  • Reinvesting. Investors have an option to list their active investments on the secondary market and trade with other investors registered on the platform.

Viventor gives lenders full control over their investments. They can monitor how their investments are performing, manage their investment portfolios, reinvest their earnings or cash them out. And through the mobile apps, all the investing features are always available from wherever you are!

Team & Technologies

Technology stack:

  • Android app: Java, Android SDK;
  • iOS app: Swift, iOS SDK.

Development team:

  • Android app development: Sergey Verovets;
  • iOS app development: Vitaliy Voropayev, Daria Kovalenko, Konstantyn Bykhkalo;
  • UX / UI: Natalia Kucherenko;
  • project management: Ekaterina Migdeeva;
  • sales: Viktoria Kuznetsova.

Bottom line

"Never stop investing. Never stop improving. Never stop doing something new." ~ Bob Parsons

Viventor is a great tool for those who keep up with the latest financial market trends and want to try themselves in peer-to-peer lending business. With its well-balanced set of features and mobile apps available on both iOS and Android phones, it makes online investing simple and accessible for everyone.

We are proud to be a part of this project and wish Viventor to win the hearts of private investors all over the Europe!