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Experience best-in-class mobile app development services right at your fingertips. We are dedicated to transforming your ideas into engaging, user-friendly mobile apps that delight users and drive success. From concept to launch, we provide end-to-end support, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

Mobile app development services by Anadea

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Our mobile app development services include, but are not limited to:

  • Our team of experienced Android developers is dedicated to crafting a secure and engaging app tailored to your business needs. With expertise spanning across various Android platforms, we create user-friendly and feature-rich designs for Android Mobile Apps, Android TV Apps, Android Tablet Apps, and Android Wear Apps.

  • Our team excels in creating exceptional iOS apps that captivate and delight thousands of users. We specialize in crafting tailor-made applications for various Apple platforms, including iPhone App Development, iPad App Development, Apple Watch App Development, Apple TV App Development, and App Clips Development.

  • Progressive web apps

    Allow us to develop light and intuitive Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that your users will find both helpful and enjoyable. Our expertise encompasses Cross-browser Web App Development, ensuring seamless functionality across various browsers. We also specialize in Responsive Web App Development, as well as Offline Web App Development, enabling access to your app even without an internet connection.

  • Hybrid apps

    Our team excels in crafting visually stunning and market-ready hybrid apps that adapt effortlessly across a wide range of mobile devices. With a deep understanding of Hybrid Mobile App Development, Hybrid Tablet App Development, and Hybrid TV App Development, we ensure our creations cater to your audience's varied requirements and preferences.

  • Using the latest technologies and a deep understanding of industry trends, we develop highly functional, scalable, and feature-packed applications that operate smoothly across multiple platforms. Whether it's optimizing processes or boosting customer interactions, our bespoke cross-platform apps are designed to propel your business to new heights.

Explore more services

Being a custom mobile app development company with over 20 years of experience, we cover every aspect of app development.

  • If you are browsing for UI/UX services, you are in the right place to get them. We provide mobile app design that is highly appreciated and recognized both by businesses and end-users.

  • Mobile Backend

    In Anadea’s portfolio, you’ll find successful case studies with examples of mobile backend development. Hire top-rated mobile developers for your consistent backend.

  • Mobile Consulting

    Ask our mobile app development experts for guidance on app compatibility across devices, technologies used, or any other aspect of your concern within the Mobile Consulting service.

  • Mobile Testing

    Optimize your ROI and reduce uninstall rates by leveraging our mobile testing services. Our QA team conducts thorough app testing to identify and address performance bottlenecks and potential bugs.

  • Accessibility for Mobile Apps

    Mobile app developers, UX/UI designers, and testers will make your mobile app comply with accessibility requirements - contrast ratio, attributed accessibility labels, landscape orientation, and more.

  • Third-Party Services Integration

    Anadea mobile development experts will tune integrations perfectly well - Google Maps, payment systems, social platforms, or any other through APIs.

Technology stack for Mobile Development

  • iOS App Development

    • Swift
    • objective-C
    • SwiftUI
    • CocoaPods
  • Android App Development

    • Kotlin
    • Java
    • Graddle
    • JetPack
  • Cross-platform App Development

    • React Native
    • Flutter
    • JavaScript
  • Progressive Web App Development

    • ReactJS
    • Angular
    • Redux
    • Lighthouse

Mobile app development specified for the industry

During 20+ years of working on the market of custom software development, several hundreds of mobile apps have gone through the hands of Anadea mobile app developers. We’ve got proven expertise and recognition in app development in a wide variety of industries, especially for real estate, sports, eLearning, and healthcare.

Some of our specialties in mobile software development services

We have created a variety of mobile app types - from social mobile apps to games. Nevertheless, often our clients admit that we cover and - most important - can prove expertise in the creation of custom app types that are in low supply. Have a look at what bespoke demanded apps our app developers can create for you.

  • There are many global food delivery brands that work on the market. But smaller towns are underserved by big food delivery apps such as Just Eat or Uber Eats.

  • The Chatboard app is specifically designed to facilitate collaboration between classmates, it helps students become more productive, build relationships and gain a better learning experience.

  • Ask MUMM (where “MUMM” stands for “Make Up My Mind”) is a social app that lets you ask text, photo and video questions to your friends and anonymous people.

  • Software for a smart medical device for people suffering from chronic respiratory diseases that provides a combination of diagnostics, therapy, and remote monitoring of the patient’s condition.

What to expect from a mobile application development company

  • Your commercial information is secure

    We respect your personal data and commercial information and put it under protection from the first contact. It’s our position to be fair with our clients. To give legal effect to this statement, we sign NDA with you at your first request.

  • Workflow is tuned and effective

    We use Agile practices, Discovery Phase for complex projects, best development practices, and the newest technologies such as Machine Learning to provide you the best result in the shortest time.

  • Clean code guarantee is given

    The basis of our services is the concept of Clean Code. It guarantees robust, maintainable, and transparent code, leading to software solutions that are not only dependable but also adaptable.

  • Needed technical expertise is at your disposal

    We are a full stack development company and cover the most used and actual technology. We use iOS/OSX/WatchOS (Objective-C, Swift), React Native for mobile app development.

  • Development team is scalable

    Depending on the stage of your app development we can add specialists and mix in the necessary skills of the team members by your demand. We have sufficient resources to do that.

  • Quality assurance is provided

    We are commited to test-driven development (TDD) and provide exceptional mobile app testing services. The blend of TDD and extensive testing expertise enables us to craft flawless and captivating applications.


Deck of professionals in one place

At Anadea, we’ve got a cohesive team of developers, engineers, UX/UI designers, BA/PMs, customer care managers, and marketers whose value is constant professional development and broad outlook. Our customers admit Anadea team spirit and find it easy and joyful to build long-term collaboration with us.

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