Machine Learning Consulting and Development

Many organizations are already leveraging machine learning solutions to generate new value and drive valuable business insights, strengthen their security infrastructure, and automate and improve workflows.

Machine learning solutions can open your business to a host of opportunities, from enhancing the customer experience, to finding new prospects, and addressing problems too complex for traditional approaches.

At Anadea, we have the expertise you need for developing machine learning algorithms and building intelligent data-driven applications for businesses of every size and scale.

As an industry, AI and machine learning continues to grow rapidly, offering investors and entrepreneurs a way to create new value, new companies, and revenue streams. In 2019, the development of machine learning apps and platforms got the most funding, leaving behind other AI-related technologies, including smart robots, virtual assistants, and NLP.

$42 bn

invested in machine learning projects in 2019

$3.9 tn

projected economic value created by AI in 2022


of AI & ML investments returned a positive ROI (to date)


of North American enterprises have started using ML (so far)

Challenges in implementing machine learning solutions:

  • A lack of qualified specialists with technical and industry-specific expertise required to build effective machine learning models and robust software systems, capable to put these models into practice.
  • A healthy fear of new technology and irrational anxiety about AI turning against its creators. Alongside the more rational and understandable fear of change, and business owners’ fear of failure.
  • Expectations set too high. When it comes to practical uses of machine learning, expectations of what this technology can do may far exceed what is possible, at present. Businesses need to understand the limits of ML technology right now, and that it may take longer than expected to generate an ROI.

Machine learning business applications

Self-service analytics tools
Advanced cyber-security algorithms
Sales & marketing optimization software
ML-powered customer service
AI software solutions
Artificial neural networks
Deep learning solutions
Natural language processing tools

How we can help

Anadea offers machine learning consulting and software development services for our clients interested in applying smarter solutions to business challenges.

We will guide you through the entire process from strategy to project delivery:

  • Evaluation. Our specialists will investigate your project. If it requires an ML-based solution, we create a roadmap from concept to finished product.
  • Modeling. We will analyze your data sources and explore your business data to identify patterns. Based on the data, we will build an ML model for solving the problem.
  • Implementation. When we have an algorithm that can address your problem, we will implement it into a software application tailored to your business needs.

It's time to make your data work harder for you!

Technology expertise

Our technology expertise includes but not limited to:

  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Reinforcement Learning
    • Pytorch
    • Tensorflow/Keras
    • XGBoost
    • Scikit-learn
    • AllenNLP
    • NLKT
    • Spacy
    • Muzero
    • and 20+ more
  • Image Processing
    • OpenCV

Industries we serve

Real Estate
Social Media
Internet of Things

Why work with Anadea?

At Anadea, we have hands-on experience in delivering innovative SME and Enterprise-level projects. We are skilled at finding real-world and innovative solutions for complex technical challenges and mastering young, emerging technologies, such as machine learning. Our engineers are passionate about applying machine learning algorithms in software development and putting them to work for our clients.


years of experience in custom software development


including projects with machine learning.


professionals can cope with projects of any size and level of complexity


offices in 3 countries. We can leverage global talent and local knowledge

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