Machine Learning and AI Development Services

Still think that AI is something futuristic and expensive? We know how to make AI affordable for your business case.


More real than you think

We adapt the newest developments of the brightest minds in the AI/ML/DL sphere and search for the possibilities to customize and implement them to meet your business needs.

We use ready-made DL models that reduces time and thus the cost of development. DL is the revolutionary way of building software and apps.

It allows us to find solutions to the tasks that used to be so complex and time-consuming that they took months of development time to implement them. Now, with neural networks, they are solved in weeks with much higher accuracy.

You will be surprised with what neural networks are capable of and how realistic it is to apply them in your case.

Machine learning business applications

Self-service analytics tools
Advanced cyber-security algorithms
Sales & marketing optimization software
ML-powered customer service
Anomaly detection

What we can do for you

  • Natural Language
    Processing you want to do something with text

    • Text generation tasks

    • Text classification / Sentiment Analysis

    • Text summarization (including paraphrasing, text simplification, etc)

    • Chat-bots / Dialogue Systems

    • Machine translation

    • Information Retrieval / Semantic search

    • Language Modelling

    • Relation Extraction

    • Language Identification

    • Cross-lingual tasks (classification/summarization/etc)

    • Error correction

    • Document ranking

  • Computer Vision you need to do something with visual type of data

    • Image/Video Classification

    • Image Segmentation

    • Object Detection

    • Facial recognition / Emotion Detection

    • Activity Recognition / Detection / Classification

    • Image Generation

    • Tasks with video

  • Computer Vision\Natural Language Processing combination of approaches to text and visual types of data

    • Optical Character Recognition

    • Image-Text Retrieval (Image Captioning/ VisualQuestion-Answering)

  • Recommendation Systems too complicated to describe in two words, better ask us

    • Collaborative filtering / Content-based filtering / Recommendations using Reinforcement Learning

  • Audio you need something to do with audio

    • Classification

    • Denoising

    • Source separation

    • Generation

  • Tabular Data you have lots of data in the form of tables, figures, database

    • Time-series analysis

    • Fraud detection

    • Sales forecasting

    • Product failure prediction

    • Pricing

    • Credit risk evaluation

    • Customer retention/churn

    • Recommendation systems

    • Ad optimization

    • Anti-money laundering

    • Source separation

    • Resume screening

    • Sales prioritization

    • Call center routing

    • Store layout

    • Store location optimization

    • Staff scheduling

Scope, timing and cost of developing Machine Learning project

  • Duration

    1-5 weeks

  • Approximate budget

    $15,000 - $20,000


  • Building a prediction model with Deep Learning methods based on the available data

  • Analysis of more data in case the prediction results are not accurate enough

  • Collecting data from ATTOM

  • Data analysis for the development of the model

AI/ML/DL Tech Stack

  • Frameworks

    • Pytorch (Pytorch Lightning, Fastai)
    • Tensorflow/Keras
    • scikit-learn
  • Cloud

    • Amazon Web Services
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Microsoft Azure
  • Concepts

    • Supervised\Unsupervised\Semi-supervised Learning
    • Reinforcement Learning
    • Few-Shot Learning
    • Metric Learning
    • Clustering
  • Toolkits

    • Core ML\Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
  • Domains

    • Natural Language Processing\Understanding
    • Computer Vision
    • Audio
    • Tabular Data
    • Recommendation Systems
    • Reinforcement Learning

What Sets Us Apart

Dedicated specialists with a strong mathematical background, scientific publications, multiple Kaggle competition medals and open-source contributions.

We regularly consult the best experts

Successful internal and external projects

Broad expertise and hands-on experience

We are not perfect, but we keep our promises

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