Machine learning solutions development

Machine Learning Software Development

Nowadays, many organizations are already leveraging machine learning solutions to derive valuable business insights, strengthen their security infrastructure, automate and improve workflows. This technology opens your business to a host of opportunities ranging from enhancing the customer experience to finding new prospects and addressing problems too complex for traditional approaches.

At Anadea, we have solid technological expertise needed for developing machine learning algorithms and building intelligent data-driven applications for your business.

The AI and machine learning industry, is growing at a rapid pace and offers investors a path to creating business value and revenue streams. In 2019, projects aimed at the development of machine learning apps and platforms got the most funding and left behind other AI related technologies, including smart robots, NLP and virtual assistants.

  • $42bn invested in machine learning projects in 2019 invested in machine learning projects in 2019
  • $3.9tn expected business value created by AI in 2022 expected business value created by AI in 2022
  • 82% of AI&ML investments returned a positive ROI of AI&ML investments gave a positive ROI
  • 23% of North American enterprises have integrated machine learning technologies of North American enterprises have integrated ML

Challenges in implementing machine learning solutions:

  • A lack of qualified specialists with technical and industry-specific
    expertise required to build effective machine learning models and
    robust software systems capable to put these models into practice.

  • A healthy fear of new technology and irrational anxiety about evil
    AI systems fuelled by post-apocalyptic fiction. Add to this employees’
    fear of change and business owners’ fear of failure.

  • Too high expectations. When it comes to practical uses of machine
    learning, expectations of what this technology can do may far
    exceed what is possible. Businesses need to understand the limits of
    ML technology and that it may take a long time to get first results.

Machine learning business applications

  • Machine learning applications for self service business intelligence tools Self-service analytics tools
  • Machine learning cybersecurity algorithms Advanced cyber-security algorithms
  • Sales and marketing intelligence tools Sales & marketing optimization software
  • ML & AI powered customer service ML-powered customer service
  • AI software development AI software solutions
  • Neural network business applications Artificial neural networks
  • Deep learning applications for business Deep learning solutions
  • Natural language processing applications Natural language processing tools

How we can help

Anadea offers machine learning consulting and software development services for our clients interested in applying smarter solutions to their business problems.

We will guide you through the entire process from strategy to project delivery:

  • Evaluation. Our specialists will investigate your project. If it requires an
    ML-based solution, we will help create a roadmap from concept to finished

  • Modeling. We will analyse your data sources and explore your business data
    to identify patterns. Based on the data, we will build an ML model for solving
    the problem.

  • Implementation. When we have an algorithm that can address your problem,
    we will implement it into a software application tailored to your business needs.

It's time to make your data work for you!

Industries we serve

  • Machine learning software for healthcare Healthcare
  • Machine learning development services for education Education
  • Machine learning applications for real estate Real Estate
  • Machine learning development company with expertise in building IT solution for retail Retail
  • Developing projects based on machine learning for the travel industry Travel
  • Uses of machine learning in fintech Fintech
  • ML development for Social Media Social Media
  • Employing machine learning algorithms and applications for Internet of Things Internet of Things

Why work with Anadea?

At Anadea, we have hands-on experience in delivering innovative SME and enterprise-level projects. We are good at finding effective solutions for complex technical challenges and mastering young, emerging technologies like machine learning. Thus, our engineers are passionate about applying machine learning algorithms in software development and putting them to work for our clients.

  • With our 15+ years of experience in custom software development, we know
    how to apply machine learning to accomplish your goals.

  • Our engineers dive deep into each projects’ specifics and we use machine
    learning only when it makes sense

  • As a company with an in-house team of 100+ IT specialists, we offer full-stack
    development services and can cope with projects of any size and complexity.

  • We employ ML experts with strong analytical skills and hands-on experience in
    machine learning software development.

  • Exploring the capabilities of machine learning algorithms and their applications
    is our passion, so we are regular attenders of machine learning conferences.

  • With 4 offices in 3 countries (Ukraine, Belarus and Spain) we can efficiently
    collaborate with clients across the world.

Our clients recommend us! We've got an excellent feedback for the project that involved development of an application aimed to improve daily work processes in the healthcare industry: "They have a deep understanding of my objectives and truly develop the project with purpose and meaning, and they exceded my expectations." - check full review on

You will enjoy our fine-tuned development process, transparency of project management, ease and comfort of communication with our software engineers!

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