Enterprise Resource Planning Development

Enterprise Resource Planning Development

An ERP professional well-versed in rolling out management software will analyse your business and propose an optimal set of releases to automate your company. Contact us to get your free department-by-department breakdown.

Key features

  • Inventory management icon Inventory management
  • Human resources icon Human resources
  • Order processing icon Order processing
  •  Project management icon Project management
  • Manufacturing icon Manufacturing
  • Financial accounting icon Financial accounting
  • Billing and payment icon Billing and payment
  • CRM icon Customer relationship management

Market overview

There are two segments in the ERP market. The first focuses on large manufacturing enterprises and implements all parts of the ERP standard (see the 'Key features' paragraph). This segment is represented by a large set of proprietary software - such as Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta), SAP Suite, 1C-Enterprise and so on - and open-source software such as WebERP and Odoo.

Proprietary software is rarely web-based. Usually, it requires setting up a local server (or multiple servers) at the enterprise automated. This way all the information (as well as the license keys) is stored in a local network.

On the contrary, open source ERP software is usually web-based. It is developed on stacks that often include Java, Ruby or PHP along with MySQL or PostgreSQL.

It is worth mentioning that project owners often mention ERP when they need only one type of management (one key feature) to be developed. When they say "ERP", they mean automation of any kind, like just inventory management or HR management. A work scope tied up with such projects makes them very suitable for custom development from the ground up.

Project examples

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