The apps we deliver are always based on a great idea requiring a unique software solution. The scope of our projects ranges from individual apps for startups to large scale national and international solutions.

  • 600+

    projects delivered since 2000

  • 70%

    of clients are mid-sized and large businesses

  • 11

    years is the longest project duration

  • 4.8

    Clutch rating based on 25+ reviews

  • Fintech Apps

    We provide fintech software development services to take your business in the finance and banking field to new heights.

    A comprehensive personal finance center with a variety of spending, investing and money management solutions.

    An Estonian peer-to-peer web platform for loans and investments based on the principles of responsible lending.

    A P2P lending platform offering alternative investment opportunities.

  • Real Estate Projects

    We design and develop cutting-edge real estate IT solutions tailored to our customers’ needs and goals. We work with the industry leaders Zillow and ListingDoor.


    A real estate collaboration tool for agents and their clients.


    New-York City’s leading real estate marketplace.


    A SaaS web application for the real estate industry with various tools to sell homes.

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  • Education

    Custom eLearning solutions developed by Anadea are targeted towards taking educational experiences to the next level of interactivity and accessibility.

    Stav Online

    An interactive e-learning platform that fuses progressive educational practices with modern web technologies.

    Imagi Edu

    A pioneering app for kids that integrates real-world, interactive imagiCharms with coding lessons.

    Ham-Nat Coach

    Thousands of students every year use the Ham-Nat Coach online platform to prepare for HAM-Nat, a science test to enter several medical universities in Germany.

  • Healthcare

    Adhering to strict regulatory standards, Anadea develops a comprehensive suite of custom medical software, including EHR, practice management, medical billing, telemedicine and patient engagement applications.


    OnTrac Resident Manager is an EHR system for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities.

    Vivum Health

    Vivum Health's Clinician App is a medical app that helps doctors make more informed treatment decisions.


    A multi-tenant practice management software for medical professionals.

  • Software
    for Sports

    Anadea has an extensive experience in building software solutions to serve each and every aspect of the sports industry - from personal coaching apps to management tools for sport teams, leagues and organizations.

    Online Platform for Team Sports

    The key purpose of the online team sports platform is to connect people who would like to play football, volleyball, rugby, basketball, and other sports as a team.

    Sports Coaching App

    This application connects players with golf coaches and enables them to exchange information and collaborate anytime, anywhere.


    An app that makes it easy to reserve a soccer field to play with your friends.

  • Enterprise

    From finance to HR management, ERP and business management software produced in collaboration with our team will help you streamline your workflows and handle the challenges of applying digital transformation to your business.

    Turbine HQ

    Web-based employee management system to take care of business admin.


    Is our custom projects management software for agile teams.

    Electric Car Scheme

    UK’s electric car lease platform for businesses and their employees.

  • Travel

    At Anadea, we work with you to create standing-out solutions for the tourism industry. From custom travel web development to iOS and Android apps, we design, build, test, maintain, and evaluate a product that will make an impact.

    eBookingServices, currently known as Tripaneer, is an online service for booking topical vacation packages. Robert Den Hollander, the project customer, believes that such kind of experience lets people discover their abilities.

    Online travel agency for finding and booking hotels and airlines in the Bahamas.

  • Social Networks
    and Apps

    Social networks are now on the rise and in the prime of their diversity. We will help to transfer your unique idea and vision to a social network application that users will love.

    Ask MUMM is a social network that lets people ask friends or strangers questions when it’s difficult to find what people need, or make a choice.

    Dressli is a social shopping application. It consists of a feature-rich catalog that enables shoppers to connect with other fashion-mongers and enjoy the shopping fun together.

    The Chatboard app is specifically designed to facilitate collaboration between classmates.

    More Social Projects

  • Ecommerce

    We work for the growth of ecommerce businesses providing custom development, catchy design, ecommerce solution integration with third-party services, migration, support, and extending existing solutions.

    Dressli is a social shopping application. It consists of a feature-rich catalog that enables shoppers to connect with other fashion-mongers and enjoy the shopping fun together.

    This service aims to assist entrepreneurs to start online business of a daily deal or group buying type.

    Visdeal is the webshop full of wonderful fishing deals for sports enthusiasts.

    Outfit Creator is a web platform for creating digital garments for characters in games that run on Unreal Engine.

More Projects

  • An intellegent system for home security, communication and entertainment.

  • A Swedish online daily newspaper covering the topics of politics and social matters.

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