Bulb Fiction

Bulb Fiction

Everyone, even the most hard-working people, from time to time need to take a minute and have some rest. One of the best ways to do it is to play some logic games. These games do not only help to spend time but also recharge the reasoning power of the brain, stimulate concentration and lift your mood. It's very convenient to have such a game accessible at any time on your smartphone and Bulb Fiction is a great thing to try when you have a free minute.

What is this game about?

Bulb Fiction is an interactive mobile game based on the idea of Plumber puzzle but turned into an electricity field. There is a maze of wires and bulbs. The task is to fix all cable breaks by turning different wire pieces, connect them together to form a complete net of wires and switch all bulbs on. There are several difficulty levels, leaderboards, achievements and everything needed to have some fun.

This game is available on Google play and on App Store.

How Bulb Fiction was developed

The idea of building Bulb Fiction came up during an IT duel - an intellectual competition regularly held in Anadea.

The IT duel which gave birth to this game took place on January 19, 2015. Our employees - Ruby and Java engineers, iOS and Android mobile developers, QA testers, etc. - were randomly divided into teams which increased the entropy of the competition. The teams had to complete a task within the time limit. At first, the task seemed simple - the teams had to fix all breaks between the electric lights and switch them on.

IT duel task

However, it turned out that this wasn't easy. The teams used different methods. Some of them approached it as a game, others tried to write a program. The winning team created a unique algorithm and finished the task just 1 hour before the deadline. Our mobile engineers were so excited that they decided to create a mobile game based on the outcomes of this competition. At first, we designed and developed it for Android platform and a bit later for iOS.

Technologies we used:

  • Objective-C,
  • Java.

Look and feel

One of the beauties of this game is its clear and simple design. There is nothing spare - just wires, light bulbs and the necessity to restore the flow of energy between them.

  • Bulb Fiction: Android
  • Bulb Fiction: iOS

Bulb Fiction team

  • Android development: Denis Alekhin, Artem Dubrov;
  • iOS development: Konstantyn Bykhkalo, Vitaliy Voropayev;
  • Design: Maxim Dovbenko;
  • Sound design, music: Stanislav Sinitsky.


What is life if not a game! Bulb Fiction can cast a tiny ray of fun on your everyday routines and amp up your mental abilities. Just try it!