Getsocio Coupon Scanner

Getsocio Coupon Scanner App

The scope

QR codes are an everyday part of modern retail. In our online store builder Getsocio, this technology is used to streamline the coupon validation and serves as an additional layer of protection against fraud or duplicate use of coupons. The Getsocio Coupon Scanner app, in its turn, transforms iOS and Android mobile devices into easy-to-use coupon scanners, which eliminates the need to equip merchants with additional scanning accessories.

What is Getsocio Coupon Scanner?

Getsocio Coupon Scanner is a mobile application that helps to redeem coupons purchased on Getsocio-based stores. Owners of e-commerce websites powered by Getsocio and their vendors can access the app with their vendor login/password, they can use their devices' cameras to capture the QR code or enter the code manually. The app automatically checks the coupon status and, if it is valid, allows you to mark the coupon as used.

  • Getsocio Coupon Scanner - splash screen
  • Getsocio Coupon Scanner - scanning coupon
  • Getsocio Coupon Scanner - manual input
  • Getsocio Coupon Scanner - redeem coupon

This app is free and available both on Google Play and on the App Store.

Android app | iOS app | Getsocio website


The Getsocio Coupon Scanner app provides all the functionality needed to redeem coupons quickly and easily. With this app, merchants can:

  • log in to the app with their regular vendor account credentials;
  • scan QR/barcode on a coupon with their mobile device or enter coupon number manually;
  • the app instantly validates coupons against a database of purchased coupon codes;
  • if a coupon is valid, the vendor can mark it as used;
  • once the coupon is redeemed, the app updates its status in the admin section of the website.

Team & Technologies

Technology stack:

  • Android app: Java, Android SDK;
  • iOS app: Swift, iOS SDK;
  • API: Ruby on Rails.

Development team:

  • Android app development: Artem Dubrov, Denis Altukhov;
  • iOS app development: Daria Kovalenko;
  • API development: Anastasiya Sakhno, Alexey Olefirenko;
  • UX / UI: Nataliya Kucherenko;
  • Project management: Alexander Koroid, Vladimir Shumik.

Bottom line

Getsocio Coupon Scanner significantly facilitates coupons redemption for both merchants and shoppers. This app helps to cope with large numbers of customers using coupons and makes coupon redemption as easy and quick as it can be.

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